Backup and Disaster Recovery



Disaster can strike at any time and from any direction. We will make sure that when it does, you will be prepared and your data will stay safe.

Safe, secure & scalable offsite backup & disaster recovery for any data, anytime, anywhere mfc100d.dll!

Best-in-class backup and disaster recovery software and services for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments.

How confident are you that your business could carry on functioning if a disaster struck?

Disaster can strike at any time hidden city. It could result from computer hacking, Virus or Malware infection, disgruntled employees, fire, flood, fraud, terrorist attacks or a chemical biological incident. Whatever the cause now is the time to put a strategy in place for Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) to ensure that you know that your business is safeguarded 위대한 피자 다운로드. We can assist you in putting together a DR strategy that will make sure that your data and IP is backed up and accessible and recoverable should you ever need it. This can be done using a number of different methods and technologies and as part of the process we will make sure that you have the right ones in place to best serve your requirements 2000년대 히트곡.
Our solutions include:
  • Online Backup
  • Imaging
  • Virtualisation
  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted DR Infrastructure
  • Full DR & BC Plan and policies

Managed Online Backup

Our Online Backup solution automates the process of backing up your data offsite. Backups begin automatically and your data is sent to storage facilities located in multiple counties across UK. Your data is and always remains encrypted using a unique encryption key for each backup 국세청 로고 다운로드.
Once your backup is at rest in the datacentre, it will be available for restoration on dissimilar hardware, anywhere at any time. In storage, data will be protected by biometric credential requirements, 24/7 watch and automatic geographic redundancy, as well as being 1024 AES encrypted.
Our Online Backup solution is fully managed, so once we ensure that initial full backup is securely stored in our cloud storage we will monitor it for you 24/7, perform periodical test restores and handle any restore requests so that you have the peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of.


Backups are made automatically through a schedule and monitored by our helpdesk. Per backup task the frequency can be defined to fit with your business requirements.

Peace of mind

Cloud backup is ‘Fire and forget’-software; once configured, it works fully automatic and you will receive emails with status updates. You will save time and therefore money.


With cloud backup, your data is sent directly to a secure external location. This eliminates dangers like theft and fire, which do affect local (tape, disk) backups.

No initial investment

Cloud backup is a service. For a fixed fee per month you have a secure backup, without the need to invest in hardware or software.


The encryption of data, the secured internet connection and the storage in a solid and secured data centre guarantee maximal privacy. Only you have access to your data.


Cloud backup can keep a history of your file changes depending on your retention preferences. Changed files are stored as a new version; this allows you to go back weeks in time to restore the desired version.

Server / Workstation Imaging

Create reliable incremental backup images of your systems, applications, and data in adjustable intervals as small as 15 minutes. This means that in case of a disaster you will only lose minutes rather than hours or days of data.
With the Reliable Networks Imaging technology, we can restore your backups to any machine, whether it’s physical or virtual, regardless of manufacturer or model.
Our imaging solutions are fully managed, monitored 24×7 and periodically tested to ensure data integrity and your peace of mind.
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