Why Cloud Computing is Essential in Today’s Business World

There are numerous business benefits of using cloud computing and cloud storage in today’s business environment. Here are our top five reasons why cloud computing is essential for use in business:

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How to Monitor Your Energy Consumption

It’s no secret that measurement makes it possible to manage and this can also be applied to the energy consumption to your business. It’s important for any business to understand how much energy they use, and by monitoring usage it becomes possible to make adjustments that can result in cost savings.

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Advantages Reported by Companies Using Office365

If you’re considering providing Microsoft 365 to your workforce instead of the more traditional and locally installed Microsoft Office, here’s what you can expect when it comes to the advantages:

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6 Everyday Ways to Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has now been around for quite some time and you might not know it, but when you use Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail or Skype, you’re actually using the Cloud.

Before we look at how the cloud is used in everyday life, here are some pointers to know whether you are on the cloud or not:

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