Cloud Solutions



Reliable cloud based solution allowing you to connect to your email, shared files and web-enabled apps from anywhere.

Enable your staff to work from anywhere and provide secure access to company data and applications z integrated codec.

Tap to the cloud resources as and when you need them rather than purchase, install and integrate your on-site hardware.

What is the Cloud?

In its simplest form the cloud is just a metaphor for the internet 데스크톱용 크롬 다운로드. Any solution that allows you to access, transfer and store data over the internet rather than your local hard drive would be classed as a Cloud Service.
At Reliable Networks we are here to make our clients businesses more productive and fortunately “cloud solutions” are one of the solutions that allow us to do this jsp Excel file. We assess the business requirements and processes before proposing a solution to fit your business, rather than the technical solution that you have to adapt too.
Reliable Cloud solutions are all tried tested and specifically set up for ease of use and above all Reliability. Our main cloud solutions are listed below but if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us with your request as we also offer bespoke solutions if that is what you need 4k 60fps 다운로드.
The major benefits that you get from our cloud solutions would be:
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Scalable to your business requirements
  • Fully managed and monitored
  • Reliable and robust infrastructure that doesn’t take up your office space
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

Office 365

If you have not heard of Office 365 yet, it is a reliable cloud based solution allowing you to connect to your email, shared files and web-enabled apps from anywhere. Once fully up and running it is amazingly simple to use. Getting to this point may be sometimes very tricky though and this is where we come in.
We have been using and supporting Office 365 from the day it was released and we know it throughout medical dictionary. Whether you are setting things up from scratch or you want to migrate your current infrastructure, we will cover the whole process from the very beginning to the happy end with minimal transition time.
We will audit your infrastructure, help you choose the right plan for your organisation, select the right type of migration, manage and execute the transfer of mail and data and deploy it to all your devices.
Once everything is setup and running we can manage your account and make sure that everything is running smoothly without wasting your time in case of any changes or issues. We will manage all of the support and all user queries and requests, maximising your productivity.
Here are some of the great benefits of using Microsoft Office 365:

Security and privacy

Your data is yours. Microsoft does not scan emails or documents for advertising purposes. It is a leader in industry privacy, transparency, security, and compliance.

Add more power to the Office you rely on

Showing the world how professional your business is has never been so easy. Create documents that will get you noticed, build an eye-catching website, use email branded with your own domain name, and more.

Access email and calendars on the go

Keep everyone in sync with enterprise-grade email and shared calendars they can access at their desk or on the go.

Look as professional as you really are

High availability hosting of websites, blogs, mySQL and other web applications on shared and dedicated platforms.

Email platform you can rely on

Get the peace of mind knowing that your services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% up-time, financially backed service level agreement,

Work better together with file sharing

Collaborate with teammates, partners, and customers with documents that are always up to date and accessible from almost anywhere.

Hosted Desktop

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) works by allowing applications and entire desktops to run on a server, rather than on the user’s workstation. It simply sends screen images to the users, and the user’s machine in turn sends keystrokes and mouse movements back to the server. By doing this, RDS allows clients to run applications or desktop environments that they might otherwise not have the hardware or bandwidth to support.
Remote Desktop Services accelerates and extends deployment of desktops and applications to a wide array of client devices, helping make your organisation more agile and responsive. It also enables flexible work scenarios such as hot-desking and work from home.
By removing applications and data from the desktop, Hosted Desktop helps you tackle challenges such as expensive and frequent hardware replacements, access for remote workers, partners or branch offices and radically simplifies regulatory compliance.
How can YOU benefit from using Hosted Desktop :


All of your important data including all files and documents will be held in the secure datacentre so there is no chance of theft or loss.


The core purpose of the Hosted Desktop is to allow your staff to perform their tasks from virtually anywhere. The only thing they need is a computer and internet connection.

Lower costs

You no longer need to purchase software licenses for each new user, with set, per user costs you can manage your IT budged easier.


Forget about tracking new versions and installing updates on all company workstations. All applications are centrally managed by Reliable Networks and always up to date.

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

IaaS is a new infrastructure provisioning model in which an organisation outsources the equipment used to support all operations including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. Reliable Networks owns the equipment and takes care of its housing, running and maintenance so you don’t have to worry about any hardware investments.
If the scale of your business fluctuate, or you are looking to expand, you can easilly tap to the cloud resources as and when you need them rather than purchase, install and integrate your on-site hardwarae.
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