Cyber Security

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated – it’s time to demand more effective security solutions

Mitigating Risk

Cyber Essentials can reduce your risk of an attack by up to 80%. However, that still leaves 20% of real risk. Every day, about 65,000 attempts to hack small and medium-sized enterprises are made. It’s a disturbing number. But the stark reality is that the 20% of exposed risk is where security incidents occur. 

It’s time to protect your business. And our Security Operations Centre can help. 

Security Solutions

We offer a wide range of Cyber Security services, below are some of our most popular, although we recommend discussing your requirements with one of our experts to find the most suitable solution for your business.

Identity Protection

Far too often, companies that have had their credentials compromised and sold on the Dark Web don’t know it until they have been informed by law enforcement — but by then, it’s too late. According to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), small and medium-sized businesses may have more to lose than larger organisations, because cybersecurity events can be costly and threaten their survival.

Phishing Protection

With threats becoming more and more sophisticated, it is important that your employees are exposed to what these might look like, and know what not to do. We send out customised phishing emails in simulated attacks, using the latest phishing traps, helping you identify gaps in your teams’ training.

Awareness Training

It’s not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often it is the non-malicious, uninformed employee. Our easy to understand, short and visually engaging training videos come with an online quiz to verify the employee’s understanding of the topic.

Risk Assessment

In today’s complex security landscape, it’s impossible to prevent all threats. Just like your insurance policy, security is all about managing your risks. With a cybersecurity risk posture assessment, we can evaluate and mitigate risky activities that leave you vulnerable to a cyberattack damaging your operations.

Endpoint Protection

Advanced Endpoint Protection goes far beyond Signature-based prevention of known malware. It correlates suspicious behaviors and activities using real-time threat intelligence. From malicious URLs to web exploit code, unexpected system changes to command-and-control traffic, we’ll connect the dots so your endpoints and data are protected.

Security Operations

Our 24×7 Security Operations Centre monitors your systems for threats, responding to them as they occur. We offer a fully managed service that provides critical endpoint, infrastructure and cloud SOC and SIEM to protect your business and customer data.

Book Your Microsoft 365 Cyber Security Assessment

We’ll run a full Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, Scan the Dark Web for leaked company credentials and one of our security consultants will take you through your report.

Have confidence in your security solutions

Benefit from complete assurance that your company is secure and safe from cyber attacks

Advanced threat detection

We use a mix of AI-driven threat detection software and human expertise to keep your business safe


Our Microsoft Office 365 SOC & SIEM service is ideal if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution

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Book a discovery call with us to talk about Microsoft Azure.

Why Partner With Reliable Networks?

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) uses SIEM to look for anything that might leave your business vulnerable to cyber attack. If an issue is discovered, it will signal the SOC. Analysts will examine and address the problem with a remediation plan – before you even know there’s a problem!

With our Microsoft Office 365 SOC & SIEM, you can rest easy knowing that cyber security experts are monitoring and detecting threats in your Microsoft 365 environment – around the clock.