IT Procurement Services

How many of your workstations or other pieces of equipment are out of date and due to be refreshed?

You’ve probably been putting it off, at least because of the cost involved. Replacing hardware, software and other IT assets requires capital, and it’s a lot to spend at once, depending on your budget.

What if you could eliminate the cycle altogether?

Reliable Networks will take care of it for you.

How We Manage Our Clients’ Hardware

Reliable Networks provides clients with a completely transparent and simplified approach to IT Procurement.

We work with and are partners to a wide range of suppliers and third parties specialising in all areas of IT. We are not driven by supplier targets, which allows us to get the best prices possible and pass on any discounts.

Workstation and Server lifecycle management is an umbrella term for asset management, stock control and equipment deployment services, which can be outsourced to help your team unleash its full potential. Many organisations struggle with balancing their day-to-day IT support and long-term projects, whilst managing the implementation of new computer systems and the disposal of legacy IT equipment.

Reliable Networks offers end-to-end workstation lifecycle management solutions and bespoke service packages, depending on your business needs.

Service features include:

  • Workstation / Laptop Lifecycle introduction (Warranty Cover)
  • Server Lifecycle introduction (Warranty / Service Pack Cover)
  • Warranties management and renewals for computers bought within the last 2 years and without Warranty or with “Warranty Expiring Soon”
  • Hardware refresh planning to assist with budgets forecasting detailing age and warranty status of the workstations
  • Remote deployment of new hardware, delivered to clients ready to be used

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