IT Projects Delivery

We recognise the necessity of having good project management, and provide a scalable project management service that can be applied to any size of project. Controlling a project with a strict scope not only ensures there is a reduced risk of the project failing, but also ensures the level of quality provided will meet your requirements.

We try to make it simple. Each element of project management provides a set of deliverables that the Project Manager will carry out during the lifecycle of the project. Depending on the project requirement, you can choose how strict the level of control is to ensure the project achieves its objectives without over-complicating it.

You will be provided with a dedicated remote Project Manager that will be responsible for ensuring the project follows the lifecycle and achieves the objectives identified. The project will be overseen by your Project Manager in line with the scope defined, this includes managing equipment and prerequisite deliverables, third party deliverables, providing highlight updates and managing issues on exception. Your Project Manager will continue to oversee the progress of the project through to completion to ensure you are satisfied with the output.

Project Delivery Stages


Design and Planning

Our workshops are carried out to enable a full Scope of Works to be defined. The session is a technical discussion to gain a full understanding of the task in hand. The workshop is led by the project Managed and Senior Technical Consultant, who will work through each requirement of the project and start to build a plan for delivering it.


Statement of Work Document

The Statement of Work is a document designed to provide a detailed overview of how the project will be approached. It defines all major aspects of a project and forms the basis for it’s management and the assessment of overall success of the project.


Project Implementation

The implementation of any project is often fraught with risk, and infrastructure projects usually involve complex changes to environments that are relied upon 24 hours a day. Reliable Networks identifies with this and ensures that when we come to carry out an implementation we do so with a well-structured approach.


Testing and Documentation

Ongoing updates to a project are essential to document especially as project goals shift due to internal factors such as product pivots or external impacts such as personnel or budget changes. Using our real-time online project management tools we will track our resources, task progress and schedules in real-time.

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