Managed Connectivity

With more and more applications moving from customer premises and into the cloud, it’s essential for you to be able to connect your business and workforce reliably and at high speeds.

The Internet is now on a par with cash, power and light; becoming one of the fundamental resources a business needs to survive. Shut it down, even for a few hours, and the wheels of commerce grind to a halt.

Our data services provide this essential connectivity platform on which you can run your business communications and converge both your voice and internet connections onto a single network, delivering cost savings and assured service quality.

How We Keep Our Clients Connected

  • High-Performance Connections: Our services are ideal for applications that need assured throughput across a high-performance, low-latency network, underpinned by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Enabler For Cloud Services: As you move applications and services to the cloud, feel confident that our services will give you the right connection for reliable and high-quality access to these services.
  • Comprehensive Connection Options:
    • ADSL2+
      • Up to 24mbps download speed
      • Up to 2 mbps upload speed
      • Competitively priced
      • Ideal for offices with less than 5 users
    • FTTC
      • Up to 80mbps download speed and up to 20mbps upload speed
      • Easy to switch from ADSL
      • Ideal for offices with 5 – 20 users
    • Applications
      • Up to 1000mbps download speed and up to 1000mbps upload speed
      • Virtually unlimited scalability
      • Ideal for offices with more than 20 users
  • 4G Broadband Backup: Keep your staff online in the event of a sustained period of ‘down time’ to your main Internet services.
    • Staff can carry on working with minimal disruption
    • Download speeds of up to 150mb/s and upload speeds of up to 30mb/s depending on your area
    • Seamless broadband backup solution
    • Automatic notification sent to Our support team so they can begin diagnosing the issue
    • Compared with having a backup broadband line, 4g covers you in a situation where there is a fault in your area
    • Automatic swap over to 4G Service within 30 seconds

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