Microsoft 365 Backup

Although your data is hosted by Microsoft, maintaining control and protection of your business data in case of security threats or accidental deletion is ultimately your company’s responsibility.

A holistic SaaS backup solution goes beyond its call of backup and recovery. Enterprise-ready backup can help empower a global workforce, accommodate diverse software/infrastructure stacks, help you comply with stringent data regulatory laws, and increase its ROI.

While it is an extremely secure solution, Microsoft cannot protect you from data loss at your end – from some of the most prevalent causes, such as:

  • Human error
    • An account mistakenly deleted, a critical email erased or an org-wide shared document overwritten? Nightmarish scenarios that cannot be fixed without a backup and recovery solution
  • Malicious intent
    • Your SaaS data is also prone to intentional overwrites, and deletes by bad actors like disgruntled or malicious employees.
  • Synchronization errors
    • Syncing or updating multiple SaaS applications – a common software scenario in organisations – is prone to errors and can cause loss of SaaS data
  • Hackers, Malware and Phishing
    • There is an ever-growing list of malware types and scams. The damages due to such data breaches are devastating not only in terms of financial loss, but also damage the business’ reputation.
  • Enterprise-ready Microsoft 365 data protection
    • End-to-end automated or on-demand backup of all your Office 365 data (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks), SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Office Groups/Teams. Metadata included.
    • Anytime/anywhere non-destructive restore from any point-in-time, granular level, or across users to any storage (Our’s Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). Plus unlimited data retention.
    • Secure and Certified with Microsoft-mandated OAuth and MFA/2FA support. ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Secure Amazon AWS S3 Encryption. And, Immutable Storage – Object- Lock minimize the accidental or malicious loss of data.
    • Exceptional Fully Managed Service real-person, responsive, 365x24x7 to resolve all your Office 365 backup queries.

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