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Microsoft 365 Security

Despite a recent shift towards a “secure by default” within the cloud, the shared responsibility model will always mean the customer has a role in the implementation and maintenance of good security. With all of its features and benefits, Microsoft 365 is an attractive prospect for organisations of all sizes, but it is also, by its nature, a rapidly evolving and complex combination of internet-accessible services that represents a huge and attractive target for attackers.

Alongside security monitoring and a comprehensive incident response plan, keeping tabs of the various security settings within your Microsoft 365 deployment, including testing out and enabling new security features when they are released by Microsoft, is one of the most important things an organisation can do to protect themselves within the cloud.  

Identity and Access Management
Manage and secure identities on a universal platform
Threat Protection
Stop attacks with integrated and automated security

Information Protection
Protect your sensitive data whenever it lives or travels
Cloud Security
Safeguard your cross-cloud resources

Information Protection and Governance
Protect and govern your data, wherever it lives
Insider Risk Management
Identify and take action on critical insider risks
Discover and Respond
Quickly investigate and respond with relevant data
Compliance Management
Simplify Compliance and reduce risk
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