Microsoft Azure Management

Bringing together the flexibility of Microsoft Azure services and Reliable Networks experience in delivering managed services our offering provides a secure hosted solution with a single point of contact.

We provide Microsoft’s Azure Cloud software solutions on a fully managed service basis. Our team will assess your requirements such as security, control, latency, performance and compliance and then recommend the right solution for you.

Our technicians work hand-in-hand with our developers to ensure we plan and implement environments that optimise performance and grow with your business.

Supply of Azure Resources

Reliable Networks will supply the required Azure resources through our Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider agreement. Our simplified approach allows for the customer to roll up all the costs relating to hosting of the application into a single managed service contract.

Design Services

The architectural design and choice of Azure resources to provide the hosting for an application is a complex process. Reliable Networks provide these services to simplify the process for our customers. Based on our experience we choose the most appropriate resources from the Azure catalogue and build an architecture that we know can support the hosting of the application to the required SLA.

Cost Management

Part of the service we provide is to monitor and optimise the cost of the Azure resources that are used to provide hosting of the application. Either by scaling existing resources to an appropriate level for the application requirements, utilising features such as the reserved instances to reduce long term costs or by switching the type of resource used to provide the application hosting to be more cost effective.

Build and Automation

Reliable Networks utilise a whole range of technologies to bring together the build, release and automation of the application hosting within Azure to provide integration and alignment with the software lifecycle used to develop the application. This close integration and automation means that as the application is developed and tested it is ensured to work as expected within the Azure hosting environment that has been designed for it.

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