By combining artificial intelligence algorithms and frequent updates, ReliableMail constantly adapts to identify the ever-changing techniques of spammers Colorful Anime download.


ReliableMail filters all incoming messages for viruses, worms, and suspicious attachments with potentially dangerous contents 삼성 전자 노트북 드라이버 다운로드.


Maintain total control over quarantine behavior: With a simple click, you can delete or release any message retained by the filter Lineage 2 Revolution app.


Installation requires absolutely no modification to your existing IT infrastructure crack.

What does it do?

While email functionality is essential to any business these days, it can also open your company up to a variety of dangers Wikileaks 1. This is because it allows viruses, spyware and other harmful programs easy access to your business’s servers and computers. This is where ReliableMail can help by stopping these malicious messages even before they reach your mail servers and user mailboxes. Our spam filter also ensures that 95% of unwanted messages are blocked, analysing each message and categorising them using variety of different layers. If a harmful file is detected, our system automatically blocks it and places it into a quarantine zone where it is unable to cause any damage to your system, you can however select to force their delivery at will via the web interface or the links in the daily summary report.

De-cluttering your inbox is now easier than ever before!

How does it do it?

The redirection of messages destined for your mail server to ReliableMail system is accomplished by changing the MX records of your domain. The MX records is part of the DNS system of your domain which tells other email servers where to forward emails when it is sent to Once the message is checked by ReliableMail, it is forwarded to your mail server as if the email arrived there directly. There are no changes required to be made on your mail server or the configuration of your email client. One simple change that we can make with your domain hosting company or your ISP and ReliableMail is ready to protect your system and save your valuable time. Your personal user interface is integrated with our system and it provides you with full control of your preferences. You can force the delivery of certain messages, whitelist mails that you want, check the overall state of the quarantine and change the frequency at which periodic reports are sent to you using this intuitive tool.