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Our Referral Program is something we’re thrilled to share with you! To thank you for each successful referral you forward to us that decides to obtain a full-time IT support service. 

The referral program rewards you or a chosen charity when you successfully recommend our IT support services to other companies.

Successfully refer someone and receive the an iPad Pro model of your choice up to a value of £749.00 (inc. VAT).* Or a donation to charity.

Donate to Charity

If you prefer or are unable to receive an iPad we will donate £500 to one of our chosen charities.

Referral Criteria

Any business referred to us must have at least ten full-time employees and be based in London, Kent, or Surrey. We cannot accept public sector, registered charities or schools as part of this referral program. A referral is deemed successful when a customer signs a full-time Services Agreement with IT support services and any initial early termination period has passed.

  • You will receive a current generation iPad Pro (Up-to £749 in value) as soon as any initial termination period of the IT services contract with the customer has passed (Strictly one iPad Pro per referral only) or a donation of £500 to one of our partnered Charities.
  • You’ll be asked to sign a formal copy of the referral program’s terms and conditions. This legally binding agreement must be accepted before any referral can be released.
  • Members of the Referral Program are not allowed to use spam to acquire referrals. Unsolicited email referrals and blog or social media discussions regarding Managed IT services that are irrelevant or violate the site’s terms are prohibited.

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Employee Productivity

Support services that keep your front of house and back office teams working efficiently.

Cyber Security

Ensuring your hospitality business and guest data is protected and helping reduce exposure to cyber threats.

Cost Efficiency

Helping you get the most out of your technology investments by measuring user adoption and service usage.

Happy Clients

Why Partner With Reliable Networks?

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) uses SIEM to look for anything that might leave your business vulnerable to cyber attack. If an issue is discovered, it will signal the SOC. Analysts will examine and address the problem with a remediation plan – before you even know there’s a problem!

With our Microsoft Office 365 SOC & SIEM, you can rest easy knowing that cyber security experts are monitoring and detecting threats in your Microsoft 365 environment – around the clock.