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Automated, multilevel protection integrated with our monitoring services provides enterprise level protection from viruses and malware.

Audit and improve your network and computer systems security with comprehensive test performed by certified security specialists.

Data is an integral part of any modern business 스페인어 사전 다운로드. Proactively protect it with DESlock+ encryption.

Powerful authentication to make remote access to the company network and sensitive data safe and secure but hassle-free

An effective way to protect your mailbox against spam, malware and viruses while insuring perfect data privacy and security.

Defend your firm’s most critical information assets with industry-leading, cloud-based security that protects employees, while enabling compliance and reducing total cost of ownership.

Security Coverage

With the high profile cyber attacks that have been highlighted in the media recently, the public awareness of the real threats to your data and business is higher now than ever before 마이크로 오피스 2010 다운로드. The security solutions that Reliable Networks offer give a positive deterrent and a number of options to address any of security requirements that your business may have. Businesses are embracing the need for safeguarding their networks and the way that they manage internet usage and we are here to assist and support you. The Reliable Security portfolio covers every aspect of IT security. We offer physical security through hardware located on premise to a fully managed cloud security solutions Happy Death Day subtitles. Our aim is to prevent attacks from the outside, but also assist in preventing internal HR and legal issues caused by people on your network accessing inappropriate web content or just generally wasting your internet bandwidth. Our services allow you to have:
  • Fully managed endpoint antivirus and Malware protection
  • Web Security to monitor & restrict access to inappropriate sites
  • Protection while browsing from threats such as malware and phishing
  • Management and monitoring of Smartphones and tablet internet usage
  • Periodical Penetration testing and assessment report
  • Peace of mind and assistance in creating policies to govern internet usage

Endpoint Protection

As the threat from viruses, malware, ransomware and the like is escalating by the day, we ensure that your Endpoint security allows each workstation and mobile device to have antivirus and antimalware protection. The status of each device is managed and monitored 24×7 to ensure that you always have the most up to date definitions installed and should any threat be detected, our monitoring team will be alerted and we can deal with the issue there and then Sweet Française download. Our products are highly effective and do not demand high resources that impact on your devices performance so you can stay as productive as possible with the peace of mind that everything is covered. The protection of the data and IP that is kept on your workstations and servers is critical for your business to operate. We understand the importance of having the correct security solution for your needs and we will ensure that you get the protection that you need. Our managed Endpoint Security products features include:
  • Use the industry leading heuristic detection engine
  • Designed to use minimal system resources
  • 24×7 monitoring from our central servers
  • Pay for what you use on a monthly basis
  • Easily deployed and policy driven
  • Run regular scans out of hours so the we do not impact on staff performance

Security Audits

In today’s world there are an increasing amount of people who make a living out of cybercrime 명상음악 mp3 다운로드. It is a constant battle to keep access restricted to data and IP for businesses. One step that should be taken is to do both an internal and external penetration test. This will highlight any weaknesses and vulnerabilities on your network before they can be exploited. We do this by putting ourselves in the place of the hacker and run a number of attacks in a controlled manner. Our certified consultants perform the same attacks that a hacker would run against your networks from both internally and externally and produce a detailed report with the results of the tests and also a comprehensive list of recommendations to strengthen what you already have and also best practices to improve procedures and policies used in the future. More and more compliance and regulations bodies require businesses to carry out regular IT security checks that include both internal and external testing to ensure the security of the overall network. If you fall into this category we can help you! What you can expect from the security checks:
  • Full security status of all servers, firewalls and workstations
  • A comprehensive report of your overall security and a risk assessment
  • Recommendations for instant strengthening measures
  • A list of best practices and policies to implement
  • Assurance that your network data and IP are secure
  • Confidence of your clients

Data Encryption

DESlock+ comes in three forms: Essential, Standard and Pro. Whether your business is large or small one of our packages will suit your needs. With optimised setup that requires minimal user interaction, DESlock+ increases user compliance and the security of your company data. With DESlock+ you can meet your data security compliance obligations with a single package. Full disk and removable media encryption keeps your data safe on the road. File, folder and email encryption keeps any collaboration across your established workgroups and teams secure; with your security policy enforced at all endpoints by the DESlock+ Enterprise Server.

Full Disk Encryption

Keeps your entire HDD encrypted with pre-boot security, with full remote management.

Removable Media Encryption

Enables you to protect removable media with full or file encryption.

DESlock+ Go Portable Encryption

Is an on-device application which runs straight from a USB stick which, with the correct passwords, allows user to edit, read and write encrypted documents on any PC.

File and Folder Encryption

Ensuring that your teams and workgroups can collaborate securely.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation and other attempts to takeover your accounts.

By integrating two-factor authentication with your applications, attackers are unable to access your accounts without possessing your physical device needed to complete the second factor.

Two-Factor Secure Authentication

DUO Two-Factor Authentication provides a powerful extra layer of security between the outside world and your sensitive company data. A particularly powerful tool if you have a large or small mobile workforce needing to connect to your network from outside. DUO Two-Factor Authentication is a mobile based two-factor (2FA) one-time password (OTP) authentication system for a higher level of security. The software is a one-tap installation which is simple and effective and supports a broad range of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This out-of-the-box solution is more than convenient for the mobile workforce.
  • Two-factor Authentication using One-time Passwords adding an extra layer of security.
  • Ultra strong, super simple with one-tap installation for smartphone or tablet.
  • Delivering secure, hassle-free authentication
  • No need for extra hardware just use your existing smartphones or tablets.
  • Easily Comply with Industry Regulations such as PCI-DSS/HIPAA.
  • Flexible integration options apply 2FA wherever you need it.

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