Cloud Readiness Adoption Assessment

Prepare your organisation for migration to Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365

What is it?

Many organisations dive head-first into cloud software adoption, without first building the necessary foundations. Our cloud readiness adoption assessment examines your underlying processes to ensure they’re strong and robust enough to fully support a cloud-based future.

Our cloud readiness adoption assessment provides rich insights into how your business is operating, and how your processes are aligning with cloud requirements. Using this insight, organisations can make the necessary changes to build a foundation that’s ready to get the most from the cloud.

Who’s it for?

We’ve developed our cloud readiness adoption assessment for two types of organisations.

Firstly, for businesses that are considering moving to the cloud, and want to ensure their transition goes as smoothly as possible. By running this assessment prior to cloud adoption, organisations can gain insight into the potential risks and pitfalls that lie ahead. This empowers them to take proactive measures to mitigate these risks, and reduce unexpected costs during the migration.

Secondly, the cloud readiness adoption assessment can be beneficial for businesses that have already migrated to the cloud, but are not generating the level of value they expected. The assessment can help identify sticking points – and locate powerful solutions to improve outcomes.

What to expect

Our team here at Reliable Networks will conduct a comprehensive overview of your existing infrastructure, assessing compatibility with cloud solutions and highlighting room for improvement.

We’ll examine areas such as data storage needs, bandwidth requirements, security measures, and compliance standards. We’ll ensure you have everything in place to move to the cloud with confidence. We’ll also share recommendations for any additional tools that may help to facilitate a successful transition, preparing your business to get the most value from the cloud.

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