Service Desk

Our IT support services make maintaining the technological needs of your business easier than ever

Optimising Your Day-to-Day Operations

Don’t have the time – or the desire – to spend your days managing your IT systems? You’re not alone! This is a frustration that many small and medium-sized enterprises are experiencing today. They know how valuable technology can be. Yet building, maintaining, and optimising that technology takes time and resources that they simply don’t have right now. That’s exactly why we’re here.

At Reliable Networks, we handle all aspects of IT support, so you don’t have to. Offload your tech support to us, and free up your valuable employees to focus on what they do best: their jobs!

First-class support

With both dedicated and shared help desk teams, you can easily get the quality support you need

Focus on your core business

Don’t waste time worrying about your technology – just focus on running a successful business!

Improve & optimise

Our IT support services can help you standardise procedures and decrease downtime for top results

End User Support

Our team of trained IT support experts are on hand round the clock to help you with any technical issues you may have. We’ll help you get your systems up and running quickly and smoothly. Your employees can log non-urgent tickets via email or call our service desk for IT support. No matter how small the problem might be, our friendly team are on hand to help, from fixing application issues to resetting passwords and solving more complex problems.

Using our Managed IT Support also means your business gets access to an experienced partner who will review and analyse your support requests to look for common trends and present long terms solutions. This means your employees aren’t faced with reoccurring issues, which improves productivity.


To avoid problems, it’s important to monitor your IT systems closely. This way, potential issues can be identified and resolved quickly before they cause any major problems. Our Service Desk team uses various tools to monitor your systems 24/7. This includes monitoring for disk space, CPU usage, and memory. We’ll also set up alerts so that we can be notified immediately if there are any problems.

System Maintenance

For your IT systems to run at their best, they must be properly maintained. This includes tasks such as patching, updates, monitoring, and backups. Our Service Desk takes on all of these tasks to ensure that your systems are always up-to-date and running smoothly. We’ll also work proactively behind the scenes to resolve potential issues before they cause problems for you or your employees.


In addition to monitoring and managing your IT systems, we also provide Patch Management, which is installing patches (security updates) for operating systems and software. By keeping systems patched, we can help to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited, which could lead to data breaches or downtime.

Infrastructure Management

The Service Desk is also responsible for managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure. This includes managing user accounts, administering email accounts, and configuring devices. We’ll also liaise with your internet service provider and perform regular performance checks to ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible.

Third-Party Management

In addition to our Service Desk services, we also offer third-party management. This includes managing your IT suppliers and service providers. We’ll work with them to resolve any issues and ensure you get the best possible service. We can also provide advice on choosing new suppliers and negotiating contracts.

IT to IT Services

Do you already have your own internal IT resource or team? We also provide co-managed managed IT services. We can provide first and third-line support depending on your team’s skills and capacity. Maybe you have an existing helpdesk and need an IT partner to pick up escalations and complex infrastructure issues, or you can already manage your own IT infrastructure but don’t want the overhead and complexity of building and managing a helpdesk team. Here at Reliable Networks, we provide shared and dedicated helpdesk services for businesses that want a co-managed support partner.


With the Service Desk from Reliable Networks, you can be confident that your IT systems are in safe hands. We’ll take care of all the technical details, so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to learn more about our Service Desk and how we can help optimise your IT systems.


We offer an outsourced helpdesk service if you have your own internal IT resources. This can be white-labelled so that it appears as if it is your internal team. We can provide support for your end-users and technical support for your engineers. This can free up your time to focus on other tasks and projects.


We also offer dedicated helpdesk service for businesses that want their own dedicated internal team. We will work with you to understand your specific requirements and build a bespoke team that meets your needs. This team can be located in our UK-based Service Desk or on-site with you.

Why Partner With Reliable Networks?

We provide a range of services, including IT service management. This enables you to either fully outsource your IT support to us, or leverage our team as part of your in-house capabilities. Our team of experienced IT experts proactively manage your business IT systems, and monitor your network and infrastructure. You can be sure everything is optimised and protected.

Our IT support services provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to a team of experts who are always up-to-date on the latest technological innovations and best practices.