The Importance of Logging a Ticket

Service tickets are a vital aspect of a helpdesk technicians job. It is a running report on a problem logged by the customer, which includes the status of this problem. With their unique reference number, they allow the helpdesk staff to quickly locate the ticket, and make amendments to the status of the issue. Although possible to raise a problem with the helpdesk by email (, logging a service ticket by using your Reliable Networks tray icon located at the bottom right of the screen,  is a much more efficient approach, as all the information regarding the problem will already be visible.


Here are a few points about the importance of logging a ticket.


When numerous technicians on the helpdesk are working on the same problem, it can be difficult for everyone to keep track of what steps have been taken. But if there was a ticket logged, then it would centralise all the information in one place, so anyone involved with that ticket can dip in and out.

Awareness and Efficiency

By creating a ticket customers will be aware of the current status and can plan their day ahead, if a machine is going to be out of use for a period of time, he or she can use an alternative machine to carry on day to day running’s and prevent downtime.


With the ticketing system, the user who logged the ticket will be able to see if the issue has been assigned, started, if it requires customer feedback and resolved. Once the problem has been resolved the technician will change the status to complete and you will get notified that the issue reported has been resolved.

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk