Advantages Reported by Companies Using Office365

If you’re considering providing Microsoft 365 to your workforce instead of the more traditional and locally installed Microsoft Office, here’s what you can expect when it comes to the advantages:

1. Support of your Disaster Management Plan. With all your e-mail and files in the cloud instead of being stored locally, your disaster management plan will be improved. You’ll be at less risk of taking the business down if you suffer from flooding, fires or power outages.

2. Allow Microsoft to take the strain. No more servers, no more upgrade fees. All software updates and new releases will be managed by Microsoft, which will save you both time and money.

3. No Virtual Private Network (VPN) required. You can connect from anywhere at any time.

4. Mobile devices fully in sync. Any changes made to your calendar, emails or contacts will be updated on each device automatically.

5. Manage your security virtually. It’s possible to delete data from your devices remotely if required.

6. Office Package is also available on mobile devices. You can use your iPhone, iPad or Windows phone to access your files and work on them just as you can through your PC.

7. Access to other software. Access OneDrive, Lync or SharePoint to support your business.

8. Pay monthly. You don’t need to pay upfront, and you can scale your costs in line with your user number.

9. Inbox storage. You’ll never have to delete your emails as you’ll have a 50GB mailbox.

10. No upgrades. No more big pay-outs, deployments or licensing concerns. Everybody has access to the latest version of Microsoft Office.

In summary, using Microsoft Office 365 delivers cost savings, optimised resources and flexibility. To find out more about Microsoft Office 365, contact us today.

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk