Are You Squeezing The Most Value Out Of Microsoft 365?

It’s time to think beyond Outlook. Explore the extensive collection of apps and services that are included with Microsoft 365, optimise your investment, and empower your team to work better.

If you’re keen for your business to use the best, most suitable tech solutions on the market, then you’ve probably already installed Microsoft 365. It’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful – and most popular – productivity suites ever, with a range of applications to suit a variety of needs.

But are you really getting the most from your investment?

What many businesses don’t realise is just how many applications Microsoft 365 encompasses. Quite simply, there’s a lot. And when you don’t know what’s there – when you’re not using the software to its full potential – it means you’re not seeing all the benefits. It means you’re wasting your budget.

It can also be frustrating for your employees. They were promised a productivity suite that would do it all. But many are only seeing part of the story. They’re frustrated with tools that are failing to deliver on what they promised. But the features they need are there – they just need to find them.

It’s time to think beyond Outlook. Explore the extensive collection of apps and services that are included with Microsoft 365, optimise your investment, and empower your team to work better.

The fact is that, when used to its full potential, Microsoft 365 could help you to achieve the following:

Communicate more effectively

The Teams app in Microsoft 365 is perhaps one of the most valuable tools for today’s businesses, especially those who have embraced remote working. Teams is Microsoft’s video conferencing tool. It makes it quick and easy for employees to chat or video call each other, no matter where they are. It enables employees to communicate effectively, in real time, to maximise productivity.

Share great ideas

Microsoft PowerPoint has come a long way since its early days. While it’s still used to create, view, edit, and share slideshows, the features have become much more advanced. Today, businesses can build powerful, customised presentations by combining PowerPoint’s leading visual tools to share great ideas across the organisation – or with clients, leads, investors, board members, and more.

Collaborate with ease

Ask people to name a Microsoft product, and one of the most common answers will be Word. Microsoft Word has long been the go-to word processing tool for many businesses. But what they might not realise is that Word is more than that. It’s a powerful collaboration solution. Word’s co-authoring feature allows employees to work together on a document, even if they’re on opposite sides of the world.

Analyse data

Like Word, Microsoft Excel has been around for a long time. Also like Word, Excel’s value has grown substantially over the past few years. Today, businesses are collecting more data than ever before. They need to ensure they have the tools they need to properly visualise it, analyse it, and draw useful, actionable insights from it. And that’s exactly where the Excel app shines brightest.

Stay on track

The business landscape is becoming increasingly complex. There are more tasks to complete than ever before. It’s easy to lose track of what needs to be done, and when. That’s where the To Do tool can help. To Do is Microsoft 365’s task manager. It makes it easy to organise tasks, prioritise workloads, break activities down into bite-size chunks, and ensure you never miss a deadline.

Enhance meeting outcomes

Whether in person or online, meetings can be very hit-or-miss. They don’t always have the desired effect, and they can end up wasting time. Microsoft 365’s Whiteboard tool addresses this, using creative visuals to help improve meeting outcomes. Whiteboard is just that; a virtual whiteboard that allows you to digitally annotate topics and ideas during a meeting to boost learning and understanding.

Be more prepared

There’s a fantastic feature in Microsoft 365 that most businesses don’t know about. It’s called a Briefing Email, and it’s essentially your own personal assistant that helps you prepare for the day ahead. It’s set up through Outlook, and provides a once-a-day snapshot of what’s coming up. It can help you see what commitments you have, find the documents you need, and optimise your time.

Automate processes

How much time do you and your employees waste on manual processes? Free yourself up to focus more on your core business by making full use of Microsoft’s Power Automate function. This is a fantastic tool that automates certain functions across your Microsoft 365 apps, such as sending emails, moving files, synchronising data, and more.

Build a tech-focused culture

Change isn’t easy. And if you’re trying to build a more tech-focused culture, you’re probably getting a fair amount of pushback. Microsoft 365 is the proof you need to demonstrate the value and the potential of change. When you can show just how much power a digital solution can really have – how it can help make things easier for people – you’re more likely to get the buy-in you need to do even more.

Ready to unlock the power of Microsoft 365?

If you’re keen to start deriving all of these benefits – and more – from Microsoft 365, we’re here to help. We specialise in Microsoft 365 optimisation services, ensuring our clients are using the suite in the best way for them. We work closely with organisations to help them better understand the apps and services housed within the Microsoft 365 suite. It’s our aim to make sure you’re using the most valuable tools for you, while simultaneously ensuring you’re not paying for software you’re not using.

Our experience, knowledge, and expertise can help businesses squeeze even more value from their tech investments. We’re here to help you improve efficiency, streamline your processes, and ultimately, provide your employees with the solutions they need. Isn’t it time you focused on truly empowering your team through tech to support them in carrying out their best, most valuable work?

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk