London & Partners

The Client

The capital’s leading business growth agency, London & Partners, works to support companies as they develop and expand, helping to position the city as a world-class destination. With an increasing number of organisations seeking opportunities for growth, London & Partners identified a need to broaden the team and ensure they had the resources needed to best manage this increased demand.

The Challenge

With more new talent joining the business, London & Partners began to realise that they lacked the internal IT resources required to onboard new hires efficiently and with ease. Onboarding was taking too much time, adding an extra burden to IT staff and impacting productivity. 


Onboarding – the process of integrating new employees with the organisation – is becoming a greater focus for many. More and more businesses are finding that, with a strong onboarding process, new hires are better able to hit the ground running, bringing immediate value to the organisation. It was imperative that London & Partners had what they needed to onboard in the best possible way. 

That’s why they reached out to us here at Reliable. When London & Partners shared their challenges and frustrations, we decided that the best way forward would be to develop a brand new, fully automated process from scratch, using both Power Platform and SharePoint forms in Microsoft 365. 


The Solution

As London & Partners already had an onboarding process in place, our first step was to closely examine this process and gain a basic understanding of what the business was looking for. We were then able to draw upon this method as a template, redesigning it into a fully automated process with the help of the London & Partners HR team. The HR team were able to add extra elements to the SharePoint form to ensure that all relevant information was being captured during the process. 

Of course, with the project being directly related to onboarding, designing a new process couldn’t just be between Reliable and the London & Partners HR team. It was essential that every stakeholder was involved, ensuring that the process worked for everyone. To achieve this, we held multiple meetings, reviews, and demos with stakeholders, before putting the new process into a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) period. This allowed us to try out a number of different scenarios, monitor outcomes, and fine-tune the new fully automated process before rolling it out to new starters.

The Outcome

Within 3-4 weeks, we built a new London & Partners onboarding process from scratch, using the tools available through Microsoft platforms. The new starter process is now fully automated, reducing the time impact on internal IT teams and freeing up their time to focus on high-priority tasks and projects. Ultimately, the new process has saved between two and three days a month in resources. 

Pete McGarel at London & Partners said, “Reliable understood straight away what we were trying to achieve. Regular updates were set up, and we had plenty of time to ask questions or make decisions regarding technical options. The overall experience was very positive. The team we worked with are all friendly and had a great deal of knowledge that they happily shared with us.” 

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