Strike ITS – Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

The Client

Strike ITS is a London-based IT recruitment specialist helping companies all over the world find the best digital talent for their projects. For themselves, however, Strike ITS were on the search for something a little different: the best digital security. That’s why they came to us here at Reliable.

The Challenge

Strike ITS already had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve: they wanted to effectively reduce their risk by enhancing cybersecurity practices and making their data more resilient to attack.

That was the easy part.

Unfortunately, there were two challenges that Strike ITS were facing:

  • Finding an efficient and affordable way to boost their cybersecurity posture
  • Demonstrating this commitment to security to suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders

Fortunately, we were on hand to help them overcome these challenges. Following a full review and update of existing IT policies, we were ready to implement a powerful and effective solution.

The Solution

Our first step was to provide Strike ITS with expert guidance to help them both develop and optimise an ongoing security strategy. The aim of this strategy was to help the team to follow best practices for maintaining high levels of security, while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

However, at Reliable, we know that policies only work if people understand them. That’s why we took a people-centric approach to this project, inviting employees to be part of the process. We held multiple meetings to share our knowledge of risk with the team, and delivered customised training and workshops to ensure everyone was familiar with ways to operate safely and securely online.

Finally, we implemented Microsoft 365 security and data protection policies, giving everyone peace of mind that everyday software used by the team was being protected in the best way possible.

With the security posture of Strike ITS enhanced, there was just one thing left to do: prove it.

To achieve this, we turned to Cyber Essentials; a scheme developed by the National Cyber Security Centre and backed by the UK government. We took Strike ITS through the standard assessment, involving an in-depth audit, to show that the right measures were in place to minimise risk.

With demonstration of a commitment to cybersecurity being high on Strike ITS’ list, we then decided to take things one step further and explore Cyber Essentials Plus. This is a more comprehensive auditing process, with success determined by the IASME governing body. This enhanced auditing process took around three months to prepare for and complete following the initial assessment.

The Outcome

We’re thrilled to announce that Strike ITS successfully passed both their Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments, and are now proudly Cyber Essentials plus accredited. This is helping them to demonstrate to their customers and suppliers that they’re taking cybersecurity seriously, and that they have a strong system and strategy in place for minimising risk. That’s certainly good news for customers and partners!

Reliable delivered far more than just Cyber Essentials Plus certification; they brought peace of mind, clarity and confidence to our entire team. We entered the process unsure of our readiness, but Reliable’s guidance and proactive support helped us achieve our goals. Thanks to their unwavering dedication, we not only achieved certification but also gained invaluable insights to help us strengthen our posture. A big thank you to the Reliable team for steering us to this crucial milestone!”

Bal Sura – Director Strike ITS

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