Empower Employees with Power Platform

Your employees have great ideas. But they’re not always able to transform these ideas from concept to reality. With Power Platform from Microsoft 365, you can empower them to do amazing things. 

If there’s anyone that understands the ins and outs of your organisation’s day-to-day processes, it’s your employees. They’re the ones who carry out tasks and follow workflows every day. They’re the ones that are best placed to identify issues in the processes, and come up with clever solutions. 

If you ask your employees what’s wrong with how they work – and what could be done better – they’ll often have some pretty smart and insightful answers. But they don’t always have the necessary skills or confidence to act on their ideas, and carry them through to fruition. 

Think about what it would be like if they could do that. 

Imagine that you had a way to empower everyone in your organisation to build what they need to maximise productivity and efficiency. What if you could help each and every employee better understand and visualise complex data, so that they could make great decisions about how they operate? It would be fantastic – but is it all too good to be true?

Not at all. At least, not when you use Microsoft 365’s Power Platform. 

Introducing Power Platform

If you already have Microsoft 365, you’ll already have access to Power Platform; a 365 application that’s designed to give everyone the tools they need to work in smart, innovative, efficient ways. 

Power Platform’s unique selling point is that the entire application is based on low-code automation. The idea is that anyone in your organisation – even those with absolutely zero development know-how or coding experience – can build custom apps. Or create websites, design AI virtual assistants, and much more, using simple, intuitive processes. It turns anyone into a skilled, talented developer. 

Power Platform tools

Power Platform features 5 distinct tools that your employees can use individually or together. These tools can help employees work in smarter ways that make it easier to achieve their operational goals. 

Here’s what’s included in Power Platform:

1. Power BI

Power Platform’s business intelligence tool bridges the gap between insight and decision-making. No matter what experience your employees have with data analysis and trend identification, Power BI makes it easier than ever to visualise and share data, helping them make better business choices. 

2. Power Apps

Do you need a better way to track employee holidays? Book meeting rooms? Handle expenses? Monitor time spent on projects? With Power Apps, anyone can quickly and easily develop a bespoke application to do whatever they need it to. And it can be shared – and used – by your entire team. 

3. Power Automate

When employees feel that simple tasks are taking too much time, Power Automate is the answer. This tool helps workers automate day-to-day activities, leaving them with more time to focus on other things. From automatically saving email attachments to creating Planner tasks, it does it all. 

4. Power Pages

No design & development experience? No problem. With Power Pages, your employees can effortlessly build and publish websites with the platform’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. You can even add things like images, videos, lists, and forms without needing any special knowledge. 

5. Power Virtual Agents

Answering questions from prospects can be a time-consuming task. And it can be frustrating responding to the same questions again and again. So why not build a virtual bot to do it instead? It’s easier than it sounds; Power Virtual Agents helps you build AI chat agents. 

Benefits of Power Platform

When organisations make full use of Power Platform’s tools, they’re able to solve some of today’s biggest business challenges. Remote work. Productivity. Security. Data collection. You name it. However, there are more benefits that might not be immediately apparent – like cost savings. 

Did you know that Power Platform can help save you money?

In a Forrester report – The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Power Platform – it was found that businesses making use of the platform’s premium features could see a 140% return on investment, and a 45% reduction in application development costs. Overall, the report states that organisations have saved a total of $14 million by streamlining processes and improving business outcomes. 

So there you have it. That application that’s been sitting quietly in your Microsoft 365 environment could hold the potential to empower your employees, transform your business, and save you money. 

Want more information, or need help getting started with Power Platform? Get in touch with us! 

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk