How To Celebrate Father’s Day In The UK

Unsure of how to celebrate Father’s Day in light of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions? Use the info below to determine how you can safely celebrate the occasion.

Father’s Day is a beloved, annual opportunity to recognize the father figures in our lives. While normally you might celebrate the day by giving your father figure a gift and joining them for a meal, amid the ongoing lockdown measures across the nation, this year it’s not necessarily that simple.

When Is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day falls on June 20, 2021, this year. It is always on the third Sunday in June, both in the UK as well as in North America (whereas the date of Mother’s Day differs between the two).

This is a particularly notable date here in the UK because it is just one day before the next phase in the government’s roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions. Many UK citizens are likely wondering what this means for their potential celebrations.

Which COVID-19 Restrictions Will Be In Place On Father’s Day?

Based on current information and trends, you should be able to mark the occasion in person with your father figure. In England, you’re allowed to mix households and have overnight stays, and restaurants are now open as well. Furthermore, you can hug one another based on “personal judgment”.

Scots are allowed to meet together indoors and give hugs, and in Wales, up to two households can mix indoors, and hug. In Northern Ireland, as many as six people from two households can have overnight stays.

Above All Else — Stay Safe

As always, be sure to follow safety measures and COVID-19 guidance from the government. If you or those in your household exhibit symptoms, or have cause for concern, consider having your Father’s Day celebration on Zoom.

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk