Incident Response Planning: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

Hopefully, your organisation has already implemented a number of measures to reduce the risk of a cyber attack. Having the right protocols and layers of security is key to protecting your business. 

But the fact is that criminals are developing increasingly sophisticated methods for bypassing multiple layers of security. No business, no matter how well protected, is immune to a breach. 

What is an incident response plan?

Incident response planning is your way of anticipating and preparing for an attack. While nobody knows for sure exactly what will happen, it is possible to use industry insight to better understand the specific risks that exist within hospitality. This will help you to develop a plan of action should such an event occur. 

Incident response planning is a way of enabling better decision-making in the heat of the moment. Let’s face it, when the unexpected happens, you’re unlikely to be thinking clearly. One poor decision could exacerbate the issue, making the situation worse. When you’re feeling the pressure, an incident response plan keeps you on track so you can make smarter decisions to aid recovery. 

What to include in an incident response plan

A good incident response plan will usually cover areas such as:

  • Who needs to be informed of the incident
  • What information can be shared about the incident
  • What steps are needed to limit risk and facilitate recovery
  • When these steps can safely be carried out without increasing risk
  • Who is responsible for what 
  • What circumstances require HR/legal assistance

Perhaps one of the most important elements of any good incident response plan, however, is the post-incident review. This involves exploring what went wrong, and why. It asks questions such as, “How can we reduce the risk of this happening again?” and “What vulnerabilities in our business processes have been exposed as a result of this breach?”. The review turns a negative event into an opportunity for improvement; a chance to use the insight gained to build a more robust business. 
At Reliable Networks, we believe that preparation is key to handling cyber events. Get in touch with us for more information about reducing risk, removing threats, and responding with confidence.

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk