Microsoft Outlook Quick Start Guide

Emails are one of those things that divide opinion, most people have a love-hate relationship with them. They are allegedly our servants, but it sometimes feels we are their slaves.

This can also be said for the email client that we use. Whether we use a Web-Based interface or a desktop email client to access our messages, they are vital tools that help to ease the burden of the daily email assault.

In most corporate environments, that desktop email client is often Microsoft Outlook. Over the years Outlook has improved with every version. It has gotten easier to use, simpler to navigate and smarter with integrations with many other software platforms. Seeing as most workers start and end their day using email clients such as Outlook (the global total for the Microsoft Office Quite Is just over 1.2 Billion users)

There are many features in Outlook, and if you have a look below at the Quick Guide to Outlook it highlights multiple ways to personalise the layout and make Outlook work better for you.
This is for the Desktop version, we will be creating a Web Based version of this in the future.

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Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk