Using Microsoft Viva Goals to align Your Team & Company Objectives

When you hear phrases like “digital transformation” and “collaboration,” what’s the meaning on a practical level for your company? Without shared objectives, collaboration is impossible; when departments are removed from each other, their intentions may be disparate. This is where digital transformation takes centre stage: the application of modern technology allows businesses to achieve aims more efficiently than ever before – transitioning from manual processes to automated solutions with a greater connection between them.

Microsoft has been leading the charge in digital transformation and collaboration, all through their innovative Viva platform. It’s equipped with groundbreaking AI, automation, cloud integration tools, and much more! In this article, we’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of Microsoft Viva before discussing one of its newest offerings: Microsoft Viva Goals. We’ll detail what it does and how your company can use it to achieve even greater heights by setting achievable goals.

Microsoft Viva Explained

Microsoft Viva is a suite of employee experience applications that interconnects with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to supercharge your organisation’s digital competence. These convenient apps act as intuitive add-ons that can transform the way you do business.

As of writing, there are currently seven apps within the Microsoft Viva line:

  • Viva Topics: Organisations can easily access and utilise the knowledge and experience of their company. It pinpoints relevant topics from the business’s expertise database based on keywords.
  • Viva Connections: This company newsfeed gives employees personalised and connected news. They were serving up essential and relevant information, conversations, and tools.
  • Viva Learning: Streamline employee training and development with a consolidated app inside Microsoft Teams, making it simple for employees to gain valuable skills quickly.
  • Viva Insights: Transform your corporate culture and employee well-being with data-driven recommendations that improve productivity and well-being.
  • Viva Sales: Streamlining the data input process for salespeople while also providing helpful lead interaction suggestions.
  • Viva Engage: Developing personal relationships, building an engaged community, and encouraging collaboration and exchanging ideas.
  • Viva Goals: Delivers clarity and the alignment of organisational goals.

With the Viva line, Microsoft is transforming how businesses use the software. By bridging Microsoft Office and M365 applications together, this new technology focuses on people over tools and uses AI to make work more accessible by providing visibility into actionable data points. In essence, Viva is revolutionising what was previously known as “software” with its groundbreaking capabilities.

What are Viva’s Goals?

Microsoft’s Viva Goals is an innovative application that unites teams towards shared objectives. It doesn’t matter if a person works in accounting or customer service; they can coordinate their efforts with the same clarity of purpose. Business executives can use this tool to anchor company goals and link them with specific department targets. In turn, employees are empowered by having access to clear direction and visibility into team progress at every level within the organisation.

Image from Microsoft

For instance, let’s suppose your corporate target is exceptional customer service. While such an aim appears commendable on paper, it fails to highlight what teams need to do to achieve the goal. This is where Viva Goals comes into play; this platform enables you to add directives tailored-made for different departments – like cutting down ticket resolution time by 8 hours – so that goals reach a meaningful level and progress can be charted accordingly. Here are the ways Viva Goals adds value to your company.

Unites Your Team Behind the Same Vision

Viva Goals enables companies to clearly define what success looks like individually and as a team. This helps employees to directly align their work with company-wide objectives rather than disparate departments pursuing different targets. With everyone on the same page, businesses can more easily reach their goals!

Achieving Focused Goals

With Viva’s integration with other M365 apps, leaders gain invaluable data insights to assess goal development accurately. This keeps employees focused on their goals because they are integrated into daily tasks rather than discussed at the occasional company event. By connecting objectives to everyday workflow, Viva helps ensure everyone works towards common organisational aims.

Image from Microsoft

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Teams’ integration helps keep goals at the forefront and recognises employees who meet targets that benefit their companies’ success. Rather than tracking progress towards objectives on a separate spreadsheet saved on someone’s cloud drive, the stats live within tools used daily. By keeping goal-oriented activities visible with Team integration, organisations can achieve them more easily.

How Do You Get Viva Goals?

If you want to subscribe to Viva Goals, you can add it to your M365 subscription or opt for the entire suite of Viva applications instead.

Questions About Microsoft 365 or Viva Goals?

As the world embraces cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is essential to keep up with digital transformation. Microsoft Viva can help you along that journey – so why not take advantage? Why not book a discovery session and discover how we can guide this ever-evolving landscape? The future of your organisation depends on it!

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk