Finance Industry Case Study

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CZ Capital LLP is a specialist fund manager with an excellent track record of managing funds on behalf of institutional investors. Their priority is to make money for their clients in all market conditions. This approach requires responsive IT system allowing absolutely no downtime and maximum security of the operational data.

The Challenge
CZ Capital was founded in 2006 and at the time has been setup with minimal IT infrastructure. As time went by and the company grew and so did their IT requirements and their dependency on it . Matters were made worse by the fact they were experiencing issues with their current IT support provider who was unable to handle the increasing number of issues or offer a more reliable solution. As the newly appointed IT support partner, the challenge for Reliable Networks was to establish an IT infrastructure solution that could provide reliability, scalability and a disaster recover solution – all within budget and the required time-frame.

The Solution
The Reliable Networks team recommended migrating CZ Capital to a cloud solutions for email, data storage and a disaster recovery strategy capable of restoring full company functionality in the event of a complete on-site failure. The aim was to create an infrastructure that could accommodate future growth while promoting productivity, allowing flexible working practices and full disaster recovery capabilities.

The Service
A new server infrastructure with a robust virtual environment was installed alongside the existing infrastructure and all core business services and applications were gradually moved. The was all done with no downtime or disruption to the business. Once implemented, the environment was extended to the cloud which allowed mirroring of the on-site services that were now capable of taking over the core roles and functions in case of any problems on site.

The email infrastructure migrated to a secure UK hosted exchange guarantying 99.99% uptime and accessibility securely from any place in the world.

Throughout the whole process dedicated project manager kept everyone updated on the progress and of any potential complications, ensuring business continuity and no unexpected outages.

CZ Capital’s new hybrid cloud system provides the benefits of cloud computing along with fast local access capabilities. All files are automatically replicated on both to the cloud and an onsite servers. Remote Desktop Server and SharePoint allow secure RSA token access to confidential company files. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategies have been implemented and are periodically tested to prove the system and to ensure that the correct steps are taken in case of any outage.

The unlimited IT support is available whenever required with an instant response from the London based helpdesk and new builds have been created for any new workstations to ensure a fast turn around and reduced costs.

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk