Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Managed threat detection & response to enhance digital security for your business

More Protection, Less Effort

Did you know that more than 20 ransomware attacks are attempted globally every second? Today, even those businesses that already have an in-house Cyber Security team are struggling to manage the huge increase in digital risk. They’re overwhelmed. The good news is that a strong security operations centre can help.

Security operations centres (SOCs) are designed to bridge the gap between existing security capabilities, and the level of protection that’s needed to minimise risk. Working alongside your team, SOC analysts continually monitor for vulnerabilities and track potential threats, ensuring you’re ready to respond with confidence, eliminating threats before they have an impact.

With SOC as a service, businesses can enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes from having a full security operations centre in place, all for one simple, affordable, transparent subscription fee.

Take Security to the Next Level

By embracing SOC as a service, businesses can successfully…

Reduce risks

Reduce the risk of breaches, keeping their sensitive data safer and more secure than ever before. SOC as a service is one of the most effective ways to protect your staff, customers and reputation.

Enhance compliance

Enhance their level of compliance. At a time when digital security is fast becoming mandatory, SOC as a service gives you complete peace of mind that you’re taking the right actions, at the right time.

Increase employee satisfaction

In-house IT and security teams are often overburdened and suffering burnout. Let SOC analysts handle the bulk of it, creating more manageable workloads.

Boost productivity

When everyone’s focused 100% on security, everything else goes on the back burner. Free up your in-house talent and empower them to do what you hired them to do.

Minimise cost

Minimise costs and develop healthier budgets. Digital security shouldn’t drain your resources. With one simple, affordable subscription, you can protect your business without breaking the bank.

Our Security Products and Partners

How it Works

In partnership with N-able, the Reliable SOC service offers comprehensive protection. We take a well-rounded approach to developing a solid security operations centre, rooted in 5 key elements



Assessing individual and unique risks facing your organisation



Implementing the right solutions to protect against these risks



Consistently monitoring the network to catch potential threats early



Efficiently rolling out the most suitable response at the right time



Resuming ‘business as usual’ status quickly should an event occur

Utilising N-able’s industry-leading AI-powered Security platforms and 24/7 response team, we offer real-time, round-the-clock threat detection and advanced threat hunting to proactively scan for unusual activity and potential threats. Should an anomaly be discovered, we’ll automatically and immediately take the necessary action to reduce the impact and fully manage the remediation of security breaches, isolating compromised endpoints, or rolling back systems to a clean state.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security strategy, our SOC as a service solution fills the gaps in your approach to ensure your sensitive data is fully protected, from every angle.