Supply Chain Internal Risk Assessment

Our supply chain internal risk assessment has been developed to help you learn more about the risks within your supply chain, and how to mitigate them.

What Is It?

It’s important for businesses to fully understand the strengths and vulnerabilities within the supply chain, and the most likely disruptions that can occur. They’ll then find themselves in a stronger position to take proactive measures towards reducing risks and obstacles.

A smooth supply chain, all the way from start to finish, is key to keeping businesses running efficiently at all times. This assessment examines the relationship between internal processes and external supply chain operations. It’ll help you develop smarter strategies that supercharge your supply chain.

Who’s it for?

Our supply chain internal risk assessment is best suited to organisations managing more complex supply chains. However, we also recommend this assessment to smaller businesses operating in highly regulated industries, or those wanting to boost efficiency across the supply chain.

We conduct this assessment for organisations across multiple industries, from retail and professional services to manufacturing, energy, transportation, logistics, distribution, and more. Our tailored, customer-centric approach allows us to adapt this assessment as needed, ensuring we’re providing the most value and the richest insight into supply chain management in every business sector.

Are you keen to uncover weaknesses in your supply chain, and learn more about the proactive measures you can take to avoid unexpected challenges? Then this assessment is for you.

What to expect

Our experienced team here at Reliable Networks will arrange to sit down and chat with your organisational leaders. We’ll learn more about the risks within your supply chain, how you currently manage your inventory, and whether the supply chain is helping – or hindering – your productivity.

With a thorough understanding of what’s happening, we’ll schedule an assessment to examine vulnerabilities in the supply chain, and identify potential solutions. This is expected to take between an hour and half a day, depending on whether you choose a self-assessment or a full assessment.

We’ll provide details of our findings in an executive summary report, offering insight into risk observations, risk identification, potential impact, supply chain maturity, and prioritisation.

Want to build a more resilient, efficient supply chain? Book a discovery call with us today.