Reliable 365

Reliable 365 leverages the existing services and applications with added security and support features for your M365 platform to improve your end users experience and help your business optimise their IT costs

Microsoft 365 requires no small amount of expertise and deep technical knowledge.

The Microsoft365 suite of services provides companies with a modern set of productivity, collaboration and business management applications that fit the needs of the modern hybrid work environment. However, to make the most of myriad of its features while keeping company assets safe and secure requires no small amount of expertise and deep technical knowledge.

Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving and changing its offering to adapt to IT and business landscape which requires continuous vigilance and supplementing existing knowledge with up-to-date recommendations which can often be time consuming and beyond capabilities of many IT Service providers.

As a result, we have created Reliable365

A set of services designed to complement Microsoft’s vast array of 365 products, providing management of the tenant and fulfilment of change requests, ensuring utilisation and optimisation of the entire applications suite, implementation of latest recommended security features.

Reliable365, in addition to the above, also provides features that are missing from Microsoft offerings. Such as managed backup and unified signature management and provides enhanced reporting to give insight into the inner workings of all the complex systems without the need for the technical expertise.

What this includes

Management and Support

Our expert team will take care of day-to-day operations such as setting up user accounts, distribution groups and shared mailboxes. We will also ensure that the created accounts are protected with MFA and all company data is protected on both corporate and private devices.

Optimising usage

Microsoft 365 has over 20+ main applications and services, many are often left un-utilised simply because the companies lack knowledge of their existence or don’t have the expertise to manage them... Our on-boarding team will ensure that you are fully aware of all products available and the benefits the package can bring to your business. Through this process we can create a plan of implementation that will integrate into your business.

Enhanced reporting

Our enhanced reporting tools provide bird’s eye view of your Microsoft 365 environment. It includes statistics of users, licenses, groups, mailboxes, sites and everything in between. It helps to save money by efficiently utilising your licenses and identify any inactive accounts.

Identity Protection

Sophisticated, analyst-validated dark web intelligence combined with cutting-edge live search capabilities enable us to identify your users compromised or stolen data and close security gaps fast. It helps to protect not only your Microsoft 365 accounts but also any other services you may log into using business identity.

Unified Signatures Manager

Cloud based signature management platform allowing to setup and manage signatures automatically based on the available information as well as enabling advanced marketing opportunities such as seasonal banners.

Security Management

Combining best practices, proactive activities and security expertise our team will ensure that your data is safe and secure. Delivered solutions and results will be measured using Microsoft Security Score to ensure that we are protecting your organization against the latest threats.

Managed Backup

Many organizations mistakenly believe that Microsoft 365 data is automatically protected. But that’s not entirely accurate. Microsoft does ensure that it won’t lose your data, but it does not make any guarantees... In other words, Microsoft 365 data is as vulnerable to accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware and other types of data loss as on-premises applications. Reliable365’s automated, continuous backups, will protect your entire Microsoft 365 tenant and application suite. This includes mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams against accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss with 3x daily backups. Standard retention is 12 months, this can be increased to meet your businesses requirements.


One of the largest blind spots in the industry is the lack of visibility into Microsoft 365 user threat data and to constantly have eyes monitoring it. Our unified SIEM solution provides an additional level of threat and risk... monitoring of the Microsoft 365 tenant ensuring that every security event is tracked, managed and resolved. In addition, it provides monitoring and analysis of traffic on all managed endpoints such as firewalls and edge devices.

Why Partner With Reliable Networks?

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) uses SIEM to look for anything that might leave your business vulnerable to cyber attack. If an issue is discovered, it will signal the SOC. Analysts will examine and address the problem with a remediation plan – before you even know there’s a problem!

With our Microsoft Office 365 SOC & SIEM, you can rest easy knowing that cyber security experts are monitoring and detecting threats in your Microsoft 365 environment – around the clock.