Global Recruitment Company Case Study

Strike ITS is a global recruitment company with specialist divisions covering IT, Security, Financial Services and Digital, with offices throughout UK and America. They are thought leaders in social media and candidate attraction, engaging with both active and passive candidates and are committed to growing our satisfied customer base of SME’s to a number of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies.

The Requirement
It was highlighted that a reliable and secure infrastructure was a definite requirement for them to be able to deliver there premium service to their distinguished portfolio of FTSE clients. Strike ITS needed to replace their aged and underperforming on premise systems with a cloud based solution that would allow his team to work from any location around the world seamlessly. Strike ITS chose a Microsoft hosted desktop, a cloud based VoIP system and a market leading global CRM and recruiting software.


  • Under performing and incompatible systems needed to be replaced and all operations integrated.
  • Singular systems prevented Strike ITS from leveraging existing company data and improving candidate sourcing capabilities.
  • Being a global organisation, a solution was required that was accessible at any time and from anywhere, easy to support, and quick to implement.
  • They needed a faster way to store and search resumes within the databases of email, calendars, and recruiting tools, while the ability to integrate with social networking media such as LinkedIn was becoming increasingly important.


  • The on premise infrastructure was replaced with a virtualised hosted desktop and application solution along with Office 365.
  • A full Disaster Recovery strategy was agreed and put in place.
  • All systems were integrated so that data duplication was no longer an issue.
  • A CRM and recruitment package that combines all applications they need into one fully integrated front office solution which includes email, sourcing, applicant tracking, calendaring, task management, job management, and customer relationship management tools, was chosen and installed.
  • A fully managed VoIP system that allows staff to take their extensions to any office in the world and make calls as if they were in their local office. This reduced the call charges by nearly 2/3’s and allowed staff to use softphones as well as their handsets.
  • 24×7 monitoring and support for all users to ensure that all of the systems were performing to their optimum allowing the users to do the same.

Balraj Sura – Director
“The minimal IT infrastructure footprint has been a tremendous step forward as we continue to grow. Opening new offices across the globe is usually fraught with unseen difficulties and associated costs when solutions require onsite hardware installations. The Reliable Networks solution allows Strike ITS staff to link up with colleagues and access the data from anywhere in the world with just a mobile device and a half decent internet connection.”

Gregory Olczyk

Gregory Olczyk