Global Retailer Case Study

Global Retailer Case Study

Guess Jeans is a high end global fashion retail brand, based in Los Angeles and Milan. When the business sought to enter the busy UK market they looked for an IT provider who could take over all the strategy and planning of their IT communications as well as delivering a fast, reliable and complete infrastructure that included all internal communications, telephony, point of sale technology and immediate links with Head Office and other worldwide operations 윈도우 메디아 플레이어 다운로드. They approached Reliable Networks through a third party retailer who had worked with the RN team before.

We were very impressed with the ‘can do’ attitude of the Reliable Networks team synaptics 터치패드 다운로드. They immediately instigated a plan which included purchase delivery installation, cabling, all telecommunications and the necessary technology for us to go about our business Kung Fu Panda 1 download. We were left to plan the stock and to fit out our outlets without any need to interfere. The daily reports meant that we were informed at every stage of the project regarding progress and solutions without having to ask Fairy Fairy of the Forest!” Commented Julian Groves the UK CEO.

The Commercial Need
Guess Jeans had a requirement to open their Head Office/Showroom and to open five retail outlets to justify the investment in three months from the set up date house above the time. The Reliable Networks team worked closely with the in house team to provide, hardware and software procurement and installations, telephony systems, internet connectivity and all mobile technology nvidia control panel.

The Technical Challenges
The requirement was for immediate infrastructure planning and the provision of the latest technology appropriate for a retail chain with remote locations ninja turtles game. The differing requirements of each member of the client team meant that the whole project reached a further level of complexity. Cabling, hardware, software, business continuity, disaster recovery and telecommunications were just the beginning 선긋기 다운로드. The client set a tight timeframe for each project in order to minimise cost and required the shop fitters and other third party suppliers to work in tandem to begin achieving return on investment in the minimum possible time miraculous Korean subtitles of Namiya Miscellaneous Goods.

How Did Reliable Networks Help?
Reliable Networks began an immediate assessment of the client’s global infrastructure Pova 2000. The project started with a procurement plan using the client’s preferred suppliers, and a cabling chart for all telephony, security, internet and point of sale connectivity. Reliable Networks created a blueprint for new store roll outs and provided the project management to ensure that they adhered to strict budgets and time frames

The UK Country Manager said:
“The referral of Reliable Networks to our UK team was the best thing that could have happened to us. As soon as we discussed our vision, the Reliable Networks team listened, were proactive, presented us with a plan in a timely manner and began working on it immediately. Once sign off was achieved we didn’t have to think about the infrastructure again other than reading their precise and professional updates – what an excellent service! I recommend the Reliable Networks team to any retail brand that is attempting a complex expansion of operations with a myriad of complex issues to be dealt with in a demanding time frame”.